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September 21, 2008 at 8:10 pm 2 comments

So I’ve been thinking a bit about what to do now that I have acquired the windmill master title. Obviously, I want to make my character better, but I am limited by the life skill cap, as well as AP. Having reached both WM1 and Ranged 1, the rest of the skills I want to up are as follows:

  • Critical Hit (6 to 1)
  • Arrow Revolver (5 to 1)
  • Magnum Shot (9 to 5, maybe 1 in the far future)
  • Refining (6 to 1)
  • Weaving (6 to 1)
  • Handicraft (C to 6)
  • Production Mastery (F to 6, possibly 1)
  • Miscellanous: Counterattack (F), Basic Bolts (F)

More ramblings after the jump.

I expect G3S2 to be implemented on October 1st. The question becomes: will the life skill cap be released in S2 or S3? I surely hope S2, since I want to rank up refining, weaving and handicraft. This would keep me busy for a few weeks at least. At the moment, I’ve been saving up AP as usual and starting to derank ranged for refining purposes later. Ranged attack is currently at rank 2 and I have a spare skill reset capsule too. I think I have around 30 free AP (ignoring the AP from ranged in case I need to rank it back up), which means refining is covered. Weaving and handicraft are low in AP cost and take a while in training, so I probably will get the AP for them along the way, especially if life skills aren’t uncapped within a few weeks.

So that means I have a few AP to go around. I’m doing fine without bolts at the moment, so I’ll continue being picky about AP and save that 2-3 AP. Same thing with counter since I barely use that skill. I can’t rank up Production Mastery at the moment since I need to fail for refining. This means that I’m left with the three core combat skills remaining: Critical Hit, Arrow Revolver and Magnum Shot. Time to do some comparisons.

Critical Hit

  • 80 AP for r6 to r1
  • +15 will
  • +45% damage on critical
  • Takes a while to train
  • Due to my crit equips, crits activate about 30% of the time

Arrow Revolver

  • 135 AP for r5 to r1
  • +12 dex
  • +24% total damage, assuming all 5 shots are used
  • +2 str
  • +2 sp cost per activation
  • -0.3s activation time
  • +20% aiming on initial shot
  • Easy to train
  • I use it all the time

Magnum Shot

  • 56 AP for r9 to r5
  • +8 dex
  • +100% damage
  • +2 sp cost per activation
  • -0.5 sp cost per second while activated
  • -0.5s activation time
  • 10% splash damage
  • Easy to train
  • I seldom use this skill, except against monsters with PD

The AP cost for AR is way too much for the minimal damage increase. The increase in aiming for the initial shot is negligible with high rank in Ranged. The +12 dex adds about 5 max damage and 3 min damage, which is negligible considering the damage output for AR. To me, AR isn’t about the damage as much as the ability of keeping your opponent from doing, well, anything. The activation time decrease is nice though.

I honestly don’t see myself using Magnum that much, except against stuff with PD, which is basically some bosses (Headless) and annoying stuff like ping rats (black ship rats). This could also be rectified with getting a low level bolt. The splash damage isn’t as good as Smash or WM, so this really isn’t a selling point for me.

This leaves me with Crit. 80 AP isn’t that much, but it isn’t a small amount either. I originally intended to get it to rank 1 after I got AR1. However, that was before I started using crit gears and training up WM for more will. Considering that I have at least 30% critical for almost all monsters and that Ciar/Barri Advanced will be coming in 2 months, it seems like it might be a better choice to level this now. The AP cost is basically equivalent of one rebirth and a bit, so I should be able to get that much within the next month. The main thing though is that it tooks a few thousand crits per rank, so it will be much slower than AR and mag. Luckily, it’s still easier to train for archers like me.

So I guess I’ll start upping crit now, while keeping enough for refining 1. Sound good?

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Saimoe – A2-1, B2-1 Windmill Master: Behind the Scenes

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Mimi  |  September 22, 2008 at 12:51 am

    0 0 you really have put some thought into this :X I’m just like whats next this this this :D but looks like your char will be uber fancy

  • 2. Azure  |  September 25, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    looking at it from a % point of view, crit increases damage by less than 1% per rank while ar increases damage around 6% per rank. its true that crit always works with any skill but….dont we always use ar anyway? idk the main reason to rank crit now instead of later is because it takes a while to rank. the choice is up to you.

    ps. by pure % math, mag is the best choice…tho i almost never use mag (rank f mag)


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