Saimoe – First Round Recap

September 20, 2008 at 2:41 pm Leave a comment

Saimoe is on break today. Voting for second round begins tomorrow.

Haruka and Mika for Saimoe 2009!

Yesterday’s Results

#1 Kuruno Kurumu – 366 votes
#2 Kitsu Chiri – 351 votes
#3 Akashi Kaoru – 168 votes

#1 Kusakabe Misao – 358 votes
#2 Yukimura Anzu – 346 votes
#3 Tsunetsuki Matoi – 260 votes

#1 Ichijou Eika – 363 votes
#2 Hitou Nami – 339 votes
#3 Haibara Ai (Miyano Shiho) – 201 votes

Three close matches. Chiri was leading until the end and Misao barely hung on.

So, the first round is finally over. Most of it has gone as expected, with some really close matches and a few minor upsets.

My picks for 1st round: 58-22-16

My predictions for 1st round: 74-19-3

Block A

  • Most votes: Fate (855), C.C. (815), Hanyuu (703)
  • Biggest surprise: Kotonoha almost put Fate in a nice boat
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [A2-2] Ginga, Fuuko, Fate

Block B

  • Most votes: Kirino (659), Mikan (640), Hiro (605)
  • Biggest surprise: Flora getting past Guchuko and Yui
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [B2-3] Ryou, Aika, Mikan

Block C

  • Most votes: Kagami (822), Kyou (689), Louise (672)
  • Biggest surprise: Otome sneaking past Kyouka and Kaaya, earns match against Kyou
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [C2-3] Otome, Kyou, Louise

Block D

  • Most votes: Rena (1056), Kotomi (996), Konata (917)
  • Biggest surprise (?): Maria getting the second most votes in the 1st round (1034) and… getting eliminated
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [D2-1] Kotomi, Yoshinoya-sensei, Tomoyo

Block E

  • Most votes: Nanoha (906), Horo (766), Shana (723)
  • Biggest surprise: Hiromi losing to Nanoha by 20 votes (Noe is still better)
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [E2-2] Ranka, Nanoha, Caro

Block F

  • Most votes: Nagisa (639), Hayate (615), Yutaka (570)
  • Biggest surprise: Hatena Yousei… how many people actually watch DVDs for 1st graders???
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [F2-4] Hayate, Yutaka, Izumi

Block G

  • Most votes: Tsukasa (825), Nagi (685), Satoko (500)
  • Biggest surprise: The lack of surprise
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [G2-1] Akari, Anya, Sekai

Block H

  • Most votes: Hinagiku (891), Isumi (880), Suzu (521)
  • Biggest surprise: The electric butterfly (Raichou) getting a tournament-low 67 votes
  • Match to watch in 2nd round: [H2-1] Isumi, Noe, Mei

That wraps up the first round. Take a breather… more despair is coming up.

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Best Moe – R2, Groups 11-12 Best Moe – R2, Groups 13-14

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