Mabi Tip: Pet Command Hotkeys

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Are you annoyed at experiencing lag when you bring up the pet window to summon your pet?

Are you tired of having to say the same phrases over and over again to your pet so that they can bandage or heal you?

Are you sick of trying to right click your miniature pinscher or golden retriever to access its command menu but it won’t ****ing stop moving?

Well, here’s a tip from me to you, courtesy of Zeru from Tarlach who brought this to my attention on MabiPlayer.

Viviana and Silvano will guide you through!

Pet Commands

You can set commands such as summoning, cancelling summon, checking pet inventory and many more by setting them to hotkeys just like emotions and accessing skill windows.

First, access your options window.

Then, go to the Game tab, then Control tab, and click on Hotkey Settings.

At the bottom of the list of hotkeys are the pet commands. You may set hotkeys for the following:

  • Summon 1st-10th pet
  • Cancel pet summon
  • Pet inventory (toggle)
  • Sit down
  • Call pet to you
  • Pet’s adorable act
  • Pet’s personal store search

Just select the command to change hotkeys for. Enter a new hotkey for it that isn’t Esc, Tab, F1-F12, Enter or system keys. Technically you can select a hotkey key that is already used, but I wouldn’t suggest it. You can also do the same with other commands, not only pet ones.

By default, there are no hotkeys assigned to pet commands. For my personal convenience, I have assigned the number pad keys and arrow keys to them. You may choose whatever you want. Note that you will have to remember which pet is which number. You can sort your pets in the pet window (T).

Pet Skills

Pet skill hotkeys function just like normal hotkeys. Just open up your pet’s skill window by right clicking on it and selecting View Skills.

Bringing up the pet skill window, select the skill you want to hotkey and drag it on to the F1-F12 hotkey bar. You can hotkey any skill and also the cancel skill button. Note that for certain combat skills to work, the pet needs to have an active target. Depending on the AI you have chosen for the pet, this may be the monster you are attacking. You can select a target for your pet by right clicking on a target monster too.

When the pet skill is placed on the hotkey bar, it will be denoted by a ‘P’ on the bottom-right corner, as well as a magenta outline.

Now you can just press the appropriate function key and your pet will obey your command! Note that you can use the secondary hotkey bar by pressing Shift.

Hopefully, this will help streamline your relationship between you and your pet. If you get used to it, you will be able to command your pet a lot faster and more efficiently than doing it the old fashioned way. It is fine to still talk with your pet, but this alleviates the need to say ‘Mend!’ and ‘Heal!’ a dozen times.

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