Mission Impossible

September 8, 2008 at 2:15 am 2 comments

It’s been over two weeks since G3 was implemented and I’ve already completed the two goals I set out for myself: Windmill rank 1 and Ranged Attack rank 1. So, I was sitting around today pondering what to do next and then a crazy idea popped into my head. Why not go for the Windmill Master title?

The requirements for the title is perfect training of Windmill rank 1, which is the following:

  • Win a battle against a strong enemy. (4800)
  • Win a battle against a very strong enemy. (4800)
  • Win a battle against a boss-level enemy (2000)
  • Attack several strong enemies (48)
  • Win a battle against several strong enemies (40)

To attempt this mission, I first tried to calculate my combat power (power level). Since skel wolves were normal to me and ogres were boss, this meant my CP is OVER NINE THOUSAND around 795. This pretty much means I’m screwed since zombies are nowhere near boss and neither are black grizzly bears. Further calculations using the character simulator (JP) showed that even if I rebirthed and stayed at age 10, zombies would appear boss to me as soon as I hit level 10. Damn.

So this mission is starting to look improbable, if not impossible. So, I skimmed the monster CP table to get some ideas.

  1. Rebirth and kill zombies. Do not age. Suicide to make sure I don’t get to level 10. Well this is pretty anoying to do. For every zombie killed, I’d need to die like ten times. Very inefficient.
  2. Rebirth and kill black grizzly bears. Possible; there’s enough of them in Sen Mag. It’d take a while though.
  3. Run Peaca or play in library. Inefficient. Silver fox is nice though.
  4. Run Baol final. Almost all monsters here would be boss. It’s also a fun dungeon. The problem is it’s limited to the number of people who have a pass and need to finish it. I wouldn’t just join a random party as death lurks behind every corner.
  5. Kill ogres. Well, these guys die pretty fast. But waiting for them to respawn is annoying. There’s also other players doing the monster killing quest, so there’s a bit of competition.
  6. Kill golems on Ceo Island. I heard this is decent. I didn’t try it out today since I didn’t catch the moongate. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

Today, I tried out options 3 and 5. Ugly ogre is ugly. It was really boring and slow. Only got about 60 kills in 2 hours or so.

At least there were times of amusement.

Off to the library to see if it’s any better. The answer is obviously no. No good drops either.

I got bored after 15 kills and tried to solo a ghost. That didn’t work.

Well, at least I made a bit of progress. I’ll try out Ceo Island tomorrow.

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Saimoe – E04, E08, E12 Results 初音ミクがオリジナル曲を歌ってくれました「Last Night, Good Night」

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Sen  |  September 8, 2008 at 3:23 am

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    CNET.com: “Mission: Impossible III” trailer 4”

    -clap clap- lol

    anyway, now that i think of it. That goal would be accomplished later without intentionally going for it u know :P

  • 2. Azure  |  September 8, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    ceo golems actually have a low cp if i remember right o.o


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